Adam Ralph

Software, tea, and snowboarding

About me

I'm a software developer and an open source advocate with a keen interest in distributed systems design, DDD, CQRS and event sourcing.

I maintain several open source products and contribute to many more. In 2014 I had my 15 minutes of fame when I became the first community member to have a pull request accepted for the .NET Core Framework.

I'm currently enjoying working remotely for Particular Software, the makers of NServiceBus. I started writing software for fun and friends in 1983 after my Dad bought me my first computer, an Acorn Electron, and I've been delivering commercial software since the mid-'90s.

My recent family ancestry is a mix from all over Europe, but is predominantly Polish. Being a born and raised Englishman, I naturally drink a lot of tea. (Milk, no sugar, thanks.) Since moving to Flims, Switzerland in the early '00s, I snowboard a lot. Occasionally, I try surfing and have failed spectacularly in all corners of the globe, from the rivers of Switzerland, to the beaches of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, to the distant swells of Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and Costa Rica.


Adam is one of the greatest system architects I have worked with. His understanding of the systems and future proofing skills are simply matchless!

Technically he is among the best I have encountered - the functionality and code he delivered were consistently bug-free. Adam's business acumen is second to none. He has an innate ability to understand the true business nature of a problem and his technological solutions are all the better for it.

A first class software engineer, with vivid judgement skills and an outstanding ability to deliver.

- Gary Woods, Project Consultant, UBS Investment Bank

His span of skills stretches from strategic and tactical architecture right through to code-cutting as well as reliable delivery. I would recommend him unreservedly.

Adam combines an intricate knowledge of programming with an incredible eye for problem solving, often seeing past the obvious and providing robust and long term solutions. He has a pro-active approach to work and is often seen helping others to develop their skills. He builds excellent relationships and remains professional at all times. I am hoping to get the chance to work closer to Adam in the future.

Adam supported the US product controller's area as a programmer while located in Zurich. Despite the time zone difference, he managed to deliver quality code with minimal bugs and within the project timelines. His great communication skills and positive attitude were greatly appreciated by the team.

- Didem Ulserim, Business Unit Control US Region Lead, UBS Investment Bank

Adam is a first class business focused programmer. He clearly understands the business side of the industry and is able to translate its needs into quality solutions. He builds strong working relationships with the business to maintain brilliance. I would highly recommend him.

Aside from Adam's development skills, his interpersonal & communication skills ensured the various projects we worked on were delivered on-time, especially important, as I was working in the London office while Adam was working the majority of the time in Switzerland.