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New Background Attribute in 0.12.0

28 Jul 2012 Zurich

With the release of version 0.12.0, it is now possible to add background steps to features using the new [Background] attribute. E.g.

public static void Background()
    "Given a customer named \"Dr. Bill\""
        .Given(() => Users.Save(new Customer
            { Name = "Dr. Bill", Password = "oranges" }))
        .Teardown(() => Users.Remove("Dr. Bill"));

    "And a blog named \"Expensive Therapy\" owned by \"Dr. Bill\""
        .And(() => Blogs.Save(new Blog
            { Name = "Expensive Therapy",
                Owner = Users.Get("Dr. Bill") }))
        .Teardown(() => Blogs.Remove("Expensive Therapy"));

Where a typical scenario may look something like:-

public static void DoctorBillPostsToHisOwnBlog()
    "Given I am logged in as Dr. Bill"
        .Given(() => Site.Login("Dr. Bill", "oranges"));

    "When I try to post to \"Expensive Therapy\""
        .When(() => Blogs.Get("Expensive Therapy")
            .Post(new Article { Body = "This is a great blog!" }));

    "Then I should see \"Your article was published.\""
        .Then(() => Site.CurrentPage.Body
            .Should().Contain("Your article was published."));

View the full example.

This is functionally equivalent to the Gherkin Background keyword. The background steps are executed before each scenario.

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